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How I Found A Company That Does Water Leak Detection in Basildon


I got my water bill last month and I noticed that it was higher than it normally was. I asked my neighbour what his water bill usually costs him every month and it was half of what mine was. I knew there was something wrong with my water bill so I called the water department. They told me that I could have a leak and they could give me the dye to put in my toilet and find out where the leak was at. I went over to the water department and picked it up. I used it that same day and was unable to find a leak in my toilet. I called them back and let them know that I didn’t have a leak that I could find. They told me that I may want to consider finding a Local Basildon water leak Detection company.

I started searching around for a company and found some plumbing companies that offered leak detection too. I wanted to learn about the company before I just hired any one of them. I also wanted to make sure the price they charged was fair. I started looking for reviews on the different companies in the area and came across a website called Home Advisor. It had companies that have water leak detection specialists. I looked over the reviews I found for the companies and found one that was rated high on everything, including the price. www.eekealeak.co.uk. I called the company and told them the problems I was having finding a leak. They set up an appointment with me and told me they would be over later that day.

Within about 30 minutes, they were able to find the leak I was having. They told me what I would need to do to fix it and that was also a service they offered. I told them I needed to get the leak fixed and they said they would start working on it.

detecting water leaks in basildon

After they were done with it, they let me know they would send a bill in the mail for me. I was glad I would be saving money on my water bill and didn’t really care what this bill would cost as long as it fixed my water bill. I got a bill just a few weeks ago and it is now the right amount.