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A regular and well maintained boiler is unlikely to present with too many problems, but how many of us have our boilersboilers regularly inspected?  This does not mean we go years without a professional taking a gander at the equipment; it merely means this task is not the highest priority on our “to do” list.  A boiler is considered as a system that should pump out hot water when we need it and the thought of it breaking hardly crosses one’s mind.  Unfortunately, all central heating systems will experience problems at some point and this guide will discuss the top five most common boiler faults in the UK.

1. No Hot Water

Arguably, the most common complaint linked to boiler faults is a lack of heat or hot water.  This issue can be due to a variety of causes including broken airlocks, failing motorised valves, or problems with the thermostat.  The best place to begin when attempting to fix a boiler without hot water is the thermostat.  The thermostat will control the water levels and the temperature within the water; therefore a problem with this item will be a direct cause to no hot water.  If, however, you think the issue may be more serious involving a broken part it is recommended you contact a professional plumber.

2. Leaks And Dripping

Leaking or dripping from a boiler is generally an indication of a damaged internal component, such as a pressure valve.  The leak will determine where the damaged part is and if the pressure valve is dripping it may be an indication of boiler’s pressure being too high.  If, however, the leaking is from the side of the boiler near the pump connection it may be an indication of a damaged or worn pump seal.  Never attempt to repair this common problem independently as it requires a degree of technical skill and access to specific equipment to fix.  In these situations it is always advised that you contact a plumbing professional.

3. Odd Noises And Bangs

One of the most frustrating of all common boiler faults in the UK is existing banging or undefined noises.  The most common cause behind any noise in the boiler is air in the central heating system; however, in older boilers it is possible that the pumps and valves may be failing resulting in banging.  Rather than attempting to guess which noise is caused by what damaged component, it is recommended that one contact a plumbing technician and discuss the issue.

4. Losing Pressure

When the pressure in the boiler drops below a certain level, the central heating system will cease to function effectively and various additional faults may occur.  To ensure effective operation of the system, it is necessary to check the boiler pressure level in the pressure gauge.  A reading below 1 can be an indication of some problem in or to the equipment.  The first step is to check for leakage or low water levels and if anything is found it is advised you contact a professional plumber.

5. Pilot Light Goes Out

This basic boiler fault is a popular one and can be easily fixed without the need for a professional technician.  When a pilot light goes out it may be the result of either a damaged thermostat, accumulated mineral deposit on the light, or a simple draught blowing the light out.  To fix the situation all you need to do is reignite the light; however, it is important you check there are no problems with the gas supply before completing this task.  After completing the check, try igniting the light following instructions in the boiler manual.

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